I received an injury in a car park accident. Can I receive compensation?

The answer is yes, it’s possible to receive compensation for any injuries you received in a car park. Any claim has to demonstrate that you received injuries as a lack of care or negligence on behalf of the car park management. Any car park which is managed by a restaurant, supermarket or a sports venue amongst any other type of business is liable in the event that you received an injury on their premises.

Car park injury claims can be complex and this is because to receive compensation you have to demonstrate how it is that you slipped, tripped or fell. It also has to be determined if the car park management has neglected their responsibilities in removing or clearing any hazards which may have caused the accident. Car park management companies will be looking to deflect liability where possible.

The recent case of a man who was awarded £8,750 after he fractured his ankle when he fell on a landscaping feature at the grounds of an historic building known as Hopetoun House is a good example of how it’s possible to receive personal injury compensation. The court ruled in favour of the man who stated that he hadn’t heard any safety instructions about what to do on the grounds as he had been in the bathroom at the time. The lesson here is that the ranger in charge of the group should’ve made sure that everyone knew what to do, or alternatively should’ve waited until the man had come back from the bathroom.

Similarly car park injuries in shopping centres are common too and a shopper from Leicestershire fractured her hip along with her shoulder while out on a shopping trip. She slipped and broke her ankle while walking across an access bridge from the car park to the Highcross Shopping Centre. She successfully sued the shopping centre and received £3,700.

These are just two examples of injuries on the grounds of a building or car park management which might require attention. Ultimately, it’s the responsibility of the car park management to ensure that these accidents don’t happen.

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