Can a trespasser claim accident compensation?

If you’ve recently been the victim of a burglary, it can be an unpleasant experience. If the trespasser came across a hazard in your home and received personal injuries as a result and you knew about these potential hazards, then they could be eligible for compensation.

Alternatively you could be the victim of such an incident. As an innocent trespasser you may have been seeking help from people in the nearby area and walked across someone’s property to reach human contact. In the process you may have been injured in an accident which left you feeling weak and vulnerable.

The law states that the occupiers of premises don’t have to owe the same level and duty of care to trespassers which they’d otherwise give to lawful visitors. If the occupier knows there is a hazard and they know that the trespasser they will come across it, then it’s the job of the occupier to ensure that they don’t get injured.

The court has to take into account various factors when deciding who is at fault in circumstances such as this. How safe the premises were has to be determined in terms of whether someone was likely to suffer injury as a result of being a trespasser.

The court also has to take into consideration that children can be less careful than adults, so they’re more likely to be injured in an accident. If an accident victim took unnecessary risks and suffered injuries, this has to be taken into account, along with any warning signs for the potential hazard. If it’s determined that the occupier is liable for the accident, then it’s possible that the accident victim can claim compensation for receiving any personal injury as a trespasser.

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A nightmare dining experience has left me injured. Can I make a personal injury claim?

Dining out is supposed to be an enjoyable experience shared amongst a couple, friends or family. But what if a meal out turns into a nightmare and you suffer an injury which isn’t your fault?

Some of the most common causes of injuries include spillages on the floor, bad floor coverings or ill fitted carpets, poor walking surfaces, obstructions or insufficient lighting. If you’ve received an injury in any of these circumstances, the occupier of the premises may be at fault.

This is because it’s the primary responsibility of the people who own the restaurant, pub or bar premises to take a reasonable level of care and to ensure that everyone who walks through is safe. This means providing clean eating and drinking areas which are free of obstruction and safe to use.

If you have been injured in a slip, trip or fall from an accident in a pub, restaurant, club or a bar then you may be eligible to claim personal injury compensation if it can be shown there is evidence to suggest that the owners or employees have failed or been negligent in their responsibilities.

Whether it was a slip or a fall which sustained an injury due to there being no warning signs about a wet floor or you have been affected in other ways, perhaps having to take time off work due to severe neck or back pain, we can help.

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Can I claim injury compensation for a broken wrist

Your wrist contains eight carpal bones and if you break one, it can be both excruciatingly painful and extremely costly. Below is a list of just some of the problems associated with a broken wrist:

• Pain and tenderness

• Numbness in the fingers

• Swelling

• Possibly deformity of the wrist

• Possible blood vessel or nerve damage

• Surgery may be required to reset the bone

• Pins and metal plates may need to be inserted

• You will need a uncomfortable cast for weeks

• You will need to pay regular visits to the radiology department for x-rays and check ups on the progress of your injury

• You probably will not be able to work, especially if there is a manual aspect to your job. As a result you could lose out financially

• Your break may be so bad that surgical immobilisation of the wrist is required and you will never be able to use it properly again

Considering the seriousness of these problems it can be comforting to know that you make a personal injury compensation claim if you break a wrist as a result of someone else’s negligence, malice or oversight of the law. Below are two scenarios in which a wrist has been broken. Can you claim compensation in 1, 2, both, or neither?

Scenario 1:

You were carrying some boxes in stockroom in your workplace when you tripped over one of the broken floorboards in the uneven floor. As you fell you reached out to try and cushion your landing but hit the ground with such force that you broke your wrist and had to rush to the A and E department. You and your colleagues had asked your employer to resurface the floor many times but he simply hadn’t listened and as a result you wound up sat in radiology having your fifth x-ray done so that they can find the fracture.

Scenario 2:

12 months ago you were playing in your local Saturday football league when a violent midfielder from the other team crashed into you off the ball. There was no way it was just a mistimed tackle and as you fell to the turf, you felt your right wrist break. You’re a plumber who drives to customers around the local area but now you find that you can’t carry out simple jobs with just one hand and you can’t even drive your car.


That’s right; compensation could be claimed in both of these scenarios. If the accident was not your fault, you therefore cannot be blamed for the injury you sustain and if somebody else’s carelessness, recalcitrance or deliberate action was to blame, it is only right that you are compensated. Indeed, your financial losses may be substantial due to your lack of income, but you will also lose amenity (the ability to carry out everyday tasks) and you should be compensated for both of these things.

So if you have broken your wrist and you feel that somebody else is to blame for the accident which led to your injuries you should get in touch with one of our expert injury claim solicitors today.

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Claiming injury compensation for broken bones

With 206 bones in the body and a whole host of hazards present at home, in public and in the workplace, it is no surprise that may bones are broken in the UK each year. Almost every bone fracture is excruciatingly painful and the recovery process and associated financial costs can cause great distress to the unfortunate victim. This suffering is magnified if you know that your accident was caused by the carelessness or intent of another individual, like an employer for example. Indeed, close to 19,000 bones are broken in the workplace each year and whilst some of these are purely accidental, many are down to employer negligence.

If you believe that your broken bone injury was caused by the negligence or malice of another individual you should approach a specialist personal injury solicitor about making a compensation claim. Our expert lawyers could quickly determine whether or not you have a claim and how much compensation you may be entitled to.

The amount you are paid in compensation should reflect the following:

• Your pain and suffering: ‘General damages’ should cover the physical and emotional hardship you have had to confront as a result of your broken bone injury. The severity and location of the break will be important in calculating this figure. Some bone breaks may be so minor that you do not even notice them and finger or toe breaks may only involve relatively minor suffering. However, life-altering fractures of the skull or spine for example can lead to dire consequences such as permanent paralysis.

• Your financial losses: ‘Special damages’ should compensate the loss of earnings you have faced due to the extended time off work required for your recovery. Medical expenses and the increased cost of travel incurred through your inability to drive for example may also be included. Given that your accident was someone else’s fault, it would be wrong if you were forced to shoulder the financial burden.

An enormous amount of work goes into a compensation claim and we will collect the documentation needed to prove your financial losses and suffering. This will include obtaining a medical report from an independent medical expert specifying the follow up treatment needed, the potential recovery costs and the extent of the injuries. We can be relied upon to do everything possible to ensure that you receive the full compensation amount that you deserve.

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Broken ankle injury compensation claims

An ankle break can be completely incapacitating. In the best case scenario, with a neat break and no collateral nerve or blood vessel damage, the injured will face weeks without being able to walk, drive or carry loads, and in all likelihood they will be unable to work for around two months. As a result they will lose income and be unable to provide for themselves and any other dependents. Indeed, in the worst case scenario, the injured may require multiple surgeries, extensive physiotherapy and a permanent loss of mobility.

Many people wrongly believe that compensation claims can only be made for injuries sustained in the workplace. On the contrary, provided that the accident was caused by someone else’s deliberate or negligent actions, you could claim compensation for accidents which have occurred anywhere including hospitals, shops, public areas and on the roads. Ultimately, if you sustain injuries through no fault of your own, it is own right that you deserve to be compensated for the associated financial losses incurred.

Is a personal injury solicitor really necessary?

There is some public scepticism about the importance of personal injury claim solicitors and the fees they charge, with many feeling it would be better to pursue a claim without such legal representation. However, doing so is ill-advised. Personal injury solicitors have a detailed understanding of the claims process and specialist knowledge in their area of law, or at least out do. Our specialist solicitors know never to settle for less than you are entitled to and are able to use their expertise to recover the full and fair amount you deserve in light of your injuries and the effect they have had on your life. Given that your opponent is likely to have instructed a specialist solicitor to defend them, it would be foolish to put yourself at a disadvantage.

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Claiming compensation for a tendon injury

Our tendons are composed of thick fibrous tissues which serve to attach muscle to bone and provide support and flexibility. When the tendons are worn-out or directly traumatised a range of tendon injuries could be sustained. These can range from minute tears and swelling right through to large tears and ruptures. Tendon injuries can be sustained in a number of ways including sports injuries, car accidents and falls and in serious cases where the skin, muscles or bones are penetrated the victim may find that they never regain movement in the affected limb.

The way in which your tendon injury will be treated depends upon the severity of the injury. You may have been relatively fortunate and suffered a micro tear or possible inflammation of the tendon. In such cases you should be able to make a full recovery using the RICE method (rest, ice, compression and elevation) and anti-inflammatories. However, in more unfortunate cases, extensive physiotherapy, injections and shockwave therapy may be required. Some cases may even require multiple surgeries, with the first needed to repair the tendon and the additional surgeries needed to remove the scar tissue. This could therefore mean a considerable amount of time off work incapacitated causing great stress and financial concerns.

Given the anguish and financial troubles associated with tendon injuries, knowing that your injury result from someone else’s carelessness or wilful intent can be especially traumatising. If you have sustained a tendon injury which a third party is to blame for you could make a tendon injury compensation claim. Our expert injury claim solicitors can help as we specialise in such claims and will be able to quickly determine how strong your claim is and how much compensation you may receive. It is crucial that you instruct a specialist because of the volume of work that goes into each claim. Your pain and suffering and the financial losses you incur are central to calculating your final award and these things can be difficult to evidence. However, out solicitors have the skills needed and the necessary links with medical experts who will produce a medial report for your claim. It could be a long time before you recover from your tendon injury so it is only fair that you are compensated for your hardship.

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Claiming compensation for an eye injury

Our eyes are so much more than the sensory organs for sight. They convey emotion, character and help us to build relationships with other people and engage in conversation. Therefore, when one or both of your eyes become damaged, it can cause enormous emotional pain as well as physical pain. However, the tragedy of an eye injury is magnified when it is sustained during an accident for which the victim was not even to blame. Fortunately, under such circumstances, victims may find that they are entitled to claim eye injury compensation.

In order to make such a compensation claim it is crucial that you instruct an expert personal injury solicitor who will be able to evidence the pain and suffering you have endured as well as the financial losses you have incurred as a result of the injury. Our eye injury specialists have the expertise required and will also be able to put you in contact with the expert ophthalmologists and opticians who will be required to produce a detailed medical report on the nature of your injuries and the prognosis which will be crucial to your evidence.

Your eye injury may range anywhere from relatively minor scratches to blunt trauma which blinds you in one or both eyes. Even if your injury is one which you can recover from, the recovery process is likely to involve an eye patch or something similar which will be of great inconvenience. It may not be a single event which damaged your eyes. Perhaps and unsafe working environment or overuse of screens affected your eyes over a long period of time. If your employer failed to take the necessary steps to protect your eyesight, you may be able to claim against them for the damage to your vision.

The idea of losing one’s sight strikes fear into the heart of any individual. No matter what type of eye injury you have sustained, if you believe that you were not to blame for the injuries you sustained, you deserve to be compensated and our specialist injury claim solicitors will work tirelessly to recover the full and fair amount of compensation you deserve.

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Claiming compensation for a facial injury

When our loved ones look at us, it is not our legs or arms that they recognise – it is our face. Our very perception of ourselves and the way in which other people recognise us is based upon our facial characteristics and when our names our mentioned, it is our face that people visualise rather than anything else. Without even realising, we convey our inner thoughts through our facial expressions and our face says so much about our moods and feelings.

Given the role of the face in forming our identity it is no surprise that when our faces end up permanently changed as a result of an accident or incident it can lead to unthinkable trauma. The thought that our faces may end up heavily scarred, require prosthetics or have to be surgically altered is terrifying because of the effect that it would have on the way we recognise ourselves and the way in which other people view us. Relationships could change both at home and in work due to the loss of self-esteem and self-consciousness and senses such as sight and smell could even be permanently lost.

Dealing with a facial injury is therefore difficult enough but if the injuries resulted from the deliberate malice, legal omission or negligence of another individual, it would be particularly difficult to cope. Perhaps you were deliberately injured whist playing sports; or your employer refused to provide you with equipment to protect you from chemical burns; or maybe you suffered due to a negligent cosmetic surgeon. However you sustained your injuries, if I t was not your fault and you can prove that a third party was to blame you should be entitled to make a personal injury claim for compensation.

Winning compensation will never alleviate your emotional pain however it could go a long way towards securing your financial position at a difficult time. The amount you receive in damages should recognise the following:

• Pain and suffering of the victim: you deserve to be compensated for the physical and emotional trauma associated with your injuries

• Financial hardship: you may not be able to work and as a result you could lose income

• Extent of injuries: further costly procedures may be required and the worse the injuries the higher the compensation figure is likely to be

In order to win the full and fair amount of compensation you deserve it is crucial that you instruct a specialist personal injury solicitor. The solicitors at our firm specialise in facial injury compensation claims and have both the sensitivity needed to support through throughout the claims process and the unrelenting work ethic required to win what you deserve. We will carry out a thorough investigation into your claim so that you have all the evidence and documentation needed to succeed. Our links with experienced plastic surgeons mean that you will receive an in-depth report analysing the extent of your injuries and the necessity and cost of further procedures to correct damage.

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Multiple fracture injury claims

Fracturing one bone is horrendously painful but some people are unfortunate to sustain multiple fracture injuries at the same time, from the same accident, leading to unspeakable agony. Moreover, these injuries are often sustained due to the carelessness or negligence of someone else and yet can lead to permanent physical damage. Whether several bones are fractured at the same time, or fracture lines spread through one bone, the consequences of a multiple fracture injury can be devastating and it is only right that those who sustain such injuries through no fault of their own can claim compensation.

Multiple fracture injuries can be permanently incapacitating or fatal at their worst and even at their best; they can ruin months or years of one’s life. Such injuries are completely debilitating and as a result sufferers will probably need to take an extended period of time off work, which is particularly problematic for those who are self-employed of course. With no income coming in, individuals will find it extremely difficult to support themselves or provide for their family and they cannot carry out simple everyday tasks. As a result, extra help may need to be hired, on top of possible medical expenses.

Entitled to multiple fracture injury compensation?

If your injuries were caused through no fault of your own, you may find that you are entitled make a personal injury compensation claim. Our team of personal injury claim specialists can help you with any such claim. To start with, we will be able to determine whether or not your claim is likely to succeed and estimate the damages you may be paid on the basis of loss of earnings and the extent of your injuries. The claims process can be complicated, so it is crucial that you have a specialist personal injury solicitor on your side who can work to recover the full amount you are entitled to and relieve some of your stress.

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The health and safety risks in injuries in shops

Like many other industry sectors the retail sector has its own very specific workplace hazards and these themselves can vary considerably depending on the type of goods being sold especially if it is a specialist store, i.e. the risk of explosion in a shop selling fireworks would not be found in a shoe shop and the risk of robbery in a jewellery store is statistically far higher than in a charity shop. The health and safety ‘bottom line’ however remains the same in all shops; to create and maintain a work environment and work processes in which the risks of injury, work-related illness and threats to the employees’ wellbeing are eliminated or adequately controlled.

The amount of work required from employers to achieve this bottom line can be considerable bearing in mind the numerous hazards and situations that might need to be considered for inclusion in a shop’s safety management plan and then if included, risk analysed and controlled. Some of the more generic ones are listed below:

• Lifting and carrying.

• Working at height (replenishing stock)

• The floor cleaning regime (that ensures that the shop floor is clean of slip causing contaminants and clear of objects that could cause trips and falls).

• Managing sharp objects.

• Use and handling of power tools and other electrical equipment.

• Shelf stacking which eliminates or reduces the risk of falling objects.

• Working with motor vehicles (unloading deliveries etc).

• Lone working.

• Hazardous products.

• Workplace noise.

• Crime (shoplifting and robbery)

• Customer aggression/violence towards staff

• Lack of personal protective equipment

If just one high risk goes unidentified and an employee or customer is injured as a result of this negligence, the injured party might well be able to make a personal injury claim. Bringing such a claim might be seen by some, with an accident having occurred and an injury having been suffered akin to bolting of the stable door after the horse has escaped, but it is nevertheless the right of the employee or shopper who has been injured to do so – and who can blame them.

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