Claim compensation for a scarring injury

Scarring can have terrible physical and emotional consequences. Those with extensive scarring often find that it shatters their confidence, makes them feel uncomfortable in public and social situations and makes them fearful of going to work therefore halting their ambitions. The physical pain caused by scarring may never go away. Skin will often become tighter in the scarred areas and mobility can be reduced. Whether the scarring is hypertrophic (red and raised) or the more acute keloid scarring you may need surgery to try and improve the situation. If you know that you were not even to blame for the scarring you suffered you may find it particularly difficult to cope.

You can suffer scarring injuries under many different circumstances but provided that the injury was not your fault and can be blamed on the negligence, legal omission or deliberate actions of another person, you could have grounds for a compensation claim. So, whether this is medical negligence, an employer’s failure to ensure health and safety or a road accident you could claim.

It is of crucial importance that you instruct a specialist personal injury solicitor who will be able to able to confidently estimate whether or not your claim will be successful and how much compensation you may be entitled to. Your solicitor will need know medical experts who can provide reports on the extent of your scarring as well as the resulting psychological effects and give a persuasive opinion on your claim.

It is possible to make a compensation claim for scarring without seeking advice from a specialist solicitor however we would strongly advise that you do not try to do this. For a start it is likely that your opponent will instruct a specialist solicitor to protect themselves so you should not put yourself at a disadvantage before you even begin. Furthermore, such claims require expertise and it is likely that you will miss important details in your claim which will damage your prospects for success.

Our solicitors can help you win deserved compensation following scarring

Given the terrible effects that scarring can have, you should at the very least be financially compensated. Our personal injury solicitors have the expertise needed to win the compensation you deserve.

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