Making an injury claim following a dog attack

The number of people treated by the NHS for dog bites annually is staggering, with 6,000 people finding themselves wounded.

Although we hear about fatal dog attacks in the news occasionally, these are actually extremely rare and in 2010 there were only 2 such instances.

According to NHS figures, as many as 19 in every 20 dog bites are not reported to anyone and this number is likely to be on the up. The findings of a 2008 report show that the number of dog attack-related injuries has increased by half in the last decade and that whilst only 1 in 5 of such attacks affects children under 9 years old, it is this age-group which is most often seriously injured.

It appears that inner city areas are worst affected. Since 2008, there has been a twofold increase in the number of dog bites resulting in injuries to under-18s and the figure is up by three quarters in the West Midlands.

The good news is that those affected by bites may find that they are eligible to claim compensation. The effects of attacks can be devastating, often requiring plastic surgery, time off work and significan emotional trauma. It is therefore only fair that you are compensated accordingly.

Under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, owners of Brazilian/Argentinean/Japanese mastiffs or pitbull terriers are in breach are acting criminally. These animals are very dangerous but dogs of all types can cause harm to innocent humans and psychological harm as well as physical harm such as damaged tissue, broken bones, scarring and facial disfigurement often lead to injury claims.

It is important to remember that the dog must have attacked you within the last 36 months in order for the claim to be valid. Or, for those who are 21, if you were under 18 at the time.

Making an injury claim will be easier if you seek immediate medical assistance and collect the contact details of the dog’s owner and any witnesses. You should also alert the police and get a crime reference number if necessary. Make sure that you get photos of the damage caused and find out about the dog that attacked you? Is it insured? Has it attacked others? In order to claim back losses you will also need receipts for medical expenses, transport fares, wage slips and other losses.

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