Who are the most common victims of accidents in the UK?

Personal injury solicitors, Edwards Hoyle, have just released the results of some quite interesting research. According to them, it seems that people in their early 20s are significantly more likely to be injured following involvement in some sort of accident.

1986 – 89, and 1991 are the five years which, according to their research, are the most likely birth years for those involved in accidents. The research also going to pinpoint the five jobs with the highest percentages of accident victims – fishermen are top, followed by anyone working at a farm, working in the oil or gas industry, construction workers and in fifth place, lorry drivers. So, it seems that the workplace is the most likely place, for many, where they are likely to be the victim of some form of accident or personal injury.

On a slightly lighter note, David is apparently the name most likely to be involved in an accident – so the conclusion is that any 23-year-old, called David, who works in the fishing industry might want to take particular care at work.

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