How can I claim compensation for my escalator injury?

Escalators and lifts are fantastic modern inventions which can transport us from one side of the building to another in a matter of moments. While many department shops use escalators or lifts so that customers can get from one part to another with relative ease and without having to trek up flights of stairs with heavy shopping bags, they do have some risks.

Recently five people in the USA were injured while taking an escalator at Jersey City station. The escalator began to malfunction and changed direction, causing people to jump off while they were mid-way down it. Those who were involved in the accident received injuries to the neck and back area, as well as scrapes, bruises and bumps.

Although these injuries weren’t life-threatening it’s possible to see how easy it is to have an accident on an escalator or a lift which isn’t your fault. Whether the accident occurred as the result of someone’s negligence or as a malfunction of the escalator which is therefore more difficult to determine, your escalator injury claim should be eligible for compensation.

It’s the responsibility of the department store and the employees working in the building or facilities where the escalator is installed to ensure that it is safe for use. This includes carrying out the necessary checks and safeguarding procedures so that people don’t end up in accidents while using the escalator.

If you were injured as a result of an escalator malfunction then it could be the responsibility of the person who maintains the escalator or the manufacturer who installed it. Determining responsibility can be difficult but a personal injury solicitor will be able to assess your claim and ascertain who is at fault in your particular case.

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