I suffered with food poisoning abroad. Is it possible to make a claim?

Enjoying the diverse selection of exciting and exotic foods is part and parcel of the holiday experience. But what if you were struck sick or received food poisoning from something you ate at your hotel?

If you’ve suffered with food poisoning then you’ll know it can be horrendous, causing you to feel nauseous, suffer with stomach cramps, diarrhoea, even feel dizzy and have a loss of appetite. Food poisoning can also lead to even more serious conditions such as IBS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Reactive Arthritis.

Salmonella is a lead cause of ‘Reactive Arthritis’ and it’s thought to cause pain while passing water along with eye irritation and joint pain. Most of the joints can be affected and it can take a long time to recover, even leading to chronic arthritis in some cases.

Other forms of food poisoning include Campylobacter which can lead to Guillain-Barré Syndrome which is a disorder where the body’s immune system starts to attack its nervous system, leading to paralysis.

Shigella or Dysentry as its otherwise known can cause bacteria to make their way into the bloodstream and this cause seizures and a really high fever, especially in children under two years old.

If you have also been the victim of any unusual diseases which weren’t the result of food poisoning such as typhoid, giarda iambala, a norovirus, Hepatitis A or had amoebic dysentery while travelling abroad you may also be eligible to claim injury compensation.

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