Illness and injury compensation claims on holiday: FAQs

Our personal injury solicitors find that there is often a great deal of confusion surrounding compensation claims for accidents or illnesses suffered on holiday. In our experience, the most common questions are the following;

Q: When can I make a compensation claim for a holiday accident or illness and who do I claim against?

A: Provided the tour was booked as part of a package holiday, you will be able to claim compensation against your tour operator. The Package Travel Regulations set out a travel company’s responsibilities to their customers and what customers can do if they are dissatisfied with their trip. If your tour operator falls foul of these regulations you may be entitled to make a compensation claim. Your trip will be classed as a package holiday if you booked any two of the following with the same company:

• Hotels or other accommodation

• Flights or other transportation

• Airport transfers, car rental or excursions

 Q: How soon after my holiday accident or illness will I have to make a claim?

A: For personal injury claims, adults must usually pursue action within 3 years, whereas under-18s have until their 21st birthday. However, time limits may vary if you have suffered your holiday accident or illness whilst on an aeroplane, boat or ship. Given that time limits may vary, we suggest that you contact our injury solicitors as soon as possible so that we can act whilst the details are still fresh in your memory.

Q: What should I do if I’m the victim of a holiday accident or illness?

• If you’re on a package holiday, immediately report the accident or illness to the travel  company’s local representative and ask them to provide you with a written accident report

• Collect as much evidence as possible by taking photos or videos, or getting the details of anyone else affected by the incident.

• Get the names, email addresses, phone numbers and passport numbers of any witnesses

• Obtain a written medical report from a doctor

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