How do No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims work?

No win no fee is a popular way of paying for personal injury claims. This method of funding is also known as a conditional fee arrangement, and its purpose is to make sure that everyone who is entitled to make a personal injury claim is able to do so without having to worry about prohibitive costs.

As the name suggests, if you do not win your case then you will not have to pay your solicitor any fees. As your personal injury solicitors carry the risk of not being paid, if your claim is successful, they are entitled to charge an additional “success fee” – an additional percentage on top of their standard fees, but don’t worry, this is paid by the other side. However, if you do win, your legal costs will be covered by the other side. This means that you essentially don’t have to pay legal fees for your accident claim, which is great for giving you peace of mind when making your case.

Before you are offered a no win no fee arrangement, your personal injury solicitor will assess your case to see if this is possible for you. This is because there is an increased risk in this sort of case and, in specific circumstances, a no win no fee arrangement is not practical. For instance, there are certain situations when it is not possible to recover fees from the other party.

If this is the case with your claim then your personal injury solicitor will be happy to discuss other funding options with you. However, no win no fee is an arrangement that is suitable for most claims and it can benefit you as it is the solicitor that takes on the extra risk, not you.

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