Keeping a pain diary during your Injury Claim

If you contact personal injury solicitors after you have had an accident, they will often ask you to keep a pain diary. This is a written record of how you feel on a day-to-day basis. You might not realise why you are doing it, and it can be frustrating having to think about the accident and the pain every day; but this diary can be very important. It will be used as evidence in Court and may affect the amount of compensation that you receive.

These pain diaries are more common than you think. Some people with long-term illnesses are asked to keep pain diaries, as it helps the doctors to gain a great deal of information about how the illness is affecting the person over a long period of time. The pain diary may reveal things that a short medical examination cannot.

In the case of an accident claim, a pain diary can provide information to medical professionals who are dealing with the individual injured in the accident. The medical professionals can look at the person’s symptoms to see how well they are recovering. This will help the medical professionals to treat the injured person accordingly, even several months after the accident.

Although keeping a pain diary may not initially seem ideal, it is likely to help you both in your future treatment and your accident claim.