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Law is getting increasingly complex and we strongly believe that requires increasing specialisation among solicitors. Long gone are the days when the average solicitor could competently expect to deal with anything that came across his door – ranging from injury  compensation claims, conveyancing and divorce to medical negligence and probate. These days, solicitors are becoming increasingly specialist and to help the general public identify those specialists, an increasing number of panels and professional associations have sprung up. Some involve mandatory course attendance with regular updates and others requiring exams and challenging interviews. Others again, simply combine all of those with interest in the subject to make sure they share up-to-date information and have access to specialist expert witnesses to provide oral or written reports as evidence. Amongst the personal injury solicitors panels and associations we are proud to belong are the following;

Action against medical accidents

AVMA is an independent charity promoting improved safety for patients along with justice for people who are affected by a medical accident. AVMA helpfully provide free advice and helpline and refer to a highly competitive and highly specialist panel of medical negligence solicitors. This is a particular hard panel to get on with very proud that one of our our own team, Denise Broomfield, is a member and get regular recommendations from AVMA. AVMA accreditation is the sign of a really experienced medical negligence solicitor.

Law society personal injury panel

This panel for accident claim or personal injury solicitors is only available to fully qualified solicitors or legal executives with plenty of proven experience in this field, including “ at least 60 personal injury instructions in the five years prior to application” to the panel. Panel members need to prove consider experience in running all aspects of accident claims cases– it’s another tough panel the get on.

Legal services commission franchise for clinical negligence

The legal services commission of the body in charge of public funding (as legal aid is now known). Whilst legal aid was removed from injury compensation claims some years ago, it does remain currently available for clinical negligence [or medical negligence as it is more commonly known] claims for those on low income, or benefits – though current government proposals are to withdraw public funding from clinical negligence entirely. There are only around 120 law firms nationwide [out a total of around 11,000 firms overall in England, Wales] with a franchise for clinical negligence – another sign that you have found a highly specialist medical negligence law firm.

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