Road Traffic Accident Claims

Unsurprisingly, most road traffic accident claims relate to drivers being injured in accidents which are the fault, or partial fault, of another road user. We can all understand the distress caused by a road traffic accident but injury solicitors will often specialise in such claims and they can help you with your claim for compensation.

Whether you sustain a minor injury such as whiplash, or you are unfortunate enough to suffer a serious life-changing injury, you could be entitled to claim. Accidents could be caused by other vehicles or pedestrians, and even if the other driver failed to stop or was uninsured, you should seek legal advice about making a claim. The potential financial cost of high medical bills and loss of earnings could merit compensation, and solicitors can arrange medical assessments to assist you with your claim.

It is also worth enquiring about compensation if you feel that dangerous road conditions such as ice, surface water or pot holes could have contributed to your road accident. Such hazards often result from professional negligence and you may be entitled to make a driver accident claim against the Highways Authority, who are responsible for safety on public roads and are obliged to “ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, that safe passage along a highway is not endangered by snow or ice”.

In order to claim the compensation you deserve for such accidents, it is essential to seek expert legal advice from specialist personal injury solicitors. It’s particularly important that you do so before accepting any payouts you have been offered from your insurers – the chances are that, without the involvement of solicitors on your side, the compensation offered by the insurers is probably too low.

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