A nightmare dining experience has left me injured. Can I make a personal injury claim?

Dining out is supposed to be an enjoyable experience shared amongst a couple, friends or family. But what if a meal out turns into a nightmare and you suffer an injury which isn’t your fault?

Some of the most common causes of injuries include spillages on the floor, bad floor coverings or ill fitted carpets, poor walking surfaces, obstructions or insufficient lighting. If you’ve received an injury in any of these circumstances, the occupier of the premises may be at fault.

This is because it’s the primary responsibility of the people who own the restaurant, pub or bar premises to take a reasonable level of care and to ensure that everyone who walks through is safe. This means providing clean eating and drinking areas which are free of obstruction and safe to use.

If you have been injured in a slip, trip or fall from an accident in a pub, restaurant, club or a bar then you may be eligible to claim personal injury compensation if it can be shown there is evidence to suggest that the owners or employees have failed or been negligent in their responsibilities.

Whether it was a slip or a fall which sustained an injury due to there being no warning signs about a wet floor or you have been affected in other ways, perhaps having to take time off work due to severe neck or back pain, we can help.

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