Government reforms cause concern for asbestos exposure victims

Asbestos related diseases are horrible ailments and many suffered contract such diseases because they were negligently exposed to asbestos by their employers decades ago. As a result asbestos compensation claims are of great importance to many people, hence why the government announcement that this type of personal injury claim may be reformed caused concerns for many.

In spring 2013 the government is set to have a consultation on such claims where the possibility of fixing legal fees, establishing an electronic portal for asbestos claims and creating a pre-action code of behaviour are likely to be discussed.

Possible reforms to asbestos claims have already been delayed due to such claims being made exempt from the effects of Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act. As a result, the government is keen to have an in depth discussion in the near future.

The litigation process can be extremely long for victims of overexposure to asbestos and attempts to speed up this process should therefore be encouraged. However, there are growing concerns that the government will attempt to cut the cost of litigation too dramatically which in turn could lead to personal injury claims not been investigated thoroughly enough causing victims to lose out on compensation.

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