Banning referral fees – why is Jack Straw so obsessed?

Jack Straw certainly seems pretty obsessed by the whole issue of banning referral fees for accident claims – though he didn’t seem to notice any problem he was Home Secretary. Could it that he’s really embarrassed by the Labour Party’s position – according to the daily Telegraph the Labour Party apparently received had over £355,000 in personal injury referral fees from accident claim lawyers Flint Bishop – who paid a £250 referral fee whenever it received a injury compensation referral from the Labour Party.

Remarkably, this injury claim referral fee arrangement appeared on the Labour Party’s own website – where party members were recommended onto what appears to be the website of an affiliated organisation, Labour Legal Services who in turn asked members to get in touch with the Derby-based personal injury solicitors.

Is Jack Straw just feeling guilty – or, is it pure hypocrisy?