Solicitors call for increase in criminal injury compensation cap

At the recent conference of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, delegates called for the government to increase the current cap on compensation for those who have been victims of crime. As part of an ongoing consultation by the Ministry of Justice, they have been calls for increased to the current compensation cap– set at an absolute maximum of £1/2million however serious the injuries suffered by the victim.

Media coverage of accident claims sadly revert for too often to the “compensation culture” stereotype. An example of the kind of real injustice caused however by the current cap for victims of criminal injuries is that of Thusha Kameleswaran. This poor little six old was paralysed following a gang shootout in 2011. £1/2million sensation is never going to anywhere near even covering her ongoing care or medical needs. Her own personal injury solicitors have suggested that her level of catastrophic injuries would probably have resulted in a £5m compensation payout if, for example, they had been resolved of a motor accident.

The outcome of the MoJ review is expected sometime later in 2012.