Claims through the RTA Portal – more controversy seems likely

Problem with yet another of the government’s many mooted changes to the legal landscape appears likely with the admission that there are “no guarantees” that the RTA Portal will in fact be ready for the expected significant increase in the number of RTA [i.e. Road traffic act] injury claims from next April.

The chairman of RTA Portal Co [the company which operates the online personal injury claim system], Tim Wallis, commented that there were “no guarantees that the new system would be properly implemented in time for next April’s changes. With effect from next April, the Ministry of justice is to up the current maximum limit on RTA injury claims from £10,000 up to £25,000 – in addition to extending the use of the portal to cover both public liability and employers liability claims as well as road traffic cases.

Mr Wallace went on to describe the circumstances surrounding upgrading and development of new software for the portal as ”challenging”.

Yet again, it looks like this government is, for entirely good reasons, simply trying to do too much too soon. In the meantime personal injury solicitors can do little but simply hope that the specialist software company can in fact develop the changes to the gateway required by next April – though don’t hold your breath.