The dangers of using your own faulty electrical appliance at work

A remarkable 43% of workers have, according to the insurer RSA [or the Royal and Sun Alliance as it used to be known], taken into the workplace their own personal actual appliances containing some form of heat source – such as heaters, fans, hair straighteners and even fairy lights. Of those who responded to the survey, an amazing 12% actually owned up to using such items with exposed wires. Furthermore, a full 9% said that either they, or a colleague, had suffered some form of personal injury from using such appliances – including electric shocks and burns. Perhaps the biggest health and safety threat from these items is that of fire risk – most remarkably of all, 8% of those responding to the survey actually experienced one such an actual item catching fire in the workplace.

So one way to avoid unnecessary work accidents is to avoid bringing your own dodgy kit into work. Some employers even go as far as completely banning, on health and safety grounds, the use at work of all personal electrical appliances which have a heat source.

And finally – do feel sorry for employers – if, for example, you suffer some sort of injury from your own faulty electrical appliance whilst at work, your employer could still be liable if  you bring a work accident claim against them for suffering your injury at work!