Have you been injured while on a footpath or public highway?

When out walking, we’re not always aware of any dangers lurking just around the corner. While we shouldn’t be afraid of what we might see, if you’ve recently been injured while walking along a footpath or a public highway you might be feeling more cautious than usual.

Perhaps you had an accident with an obstruction on a walking surface or you ventured into dangerous utility or road works without realising. If you’re a pedestrian these obstructions aren’t always easy to spot, especially if there were no proper signs warning about their imminent danger.

While out walking at night it’s even easier to have an accident, especially if there was insufficient lighting in the area or the footpath you were walking along had a poorly maintained surface. All of these concerns should be the priority of the local authorities who have to ensure they are providing a reasonable level of care along public highways. This is so that people are kept safe and don’t find themselves involved in an accident.

Some areas of this law can be more complex, for example if it involves equipment left by a utility company then working out who the defendant is and why they should be held responsible can be tricky. This is because it has to be ascertained who is responsible for providing a safe work environment and ensuring that it’s properly maintained for pedestrians. Does the issue lie with the council, sub-contractors who carried out the work or the utility company itself? All of these are factors which have to be taken into consideration.

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If you’re suffering and in physical pain due to being injured on a footpath or a public highway then you may be eligible for personal injury compensation.

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