Hip Replacement Compensation

If you have experienced problems with a hip replacement that has since been recalled by the manufacturer, you may well be able to make a personal injury claim for hip replacement compensation.

A good example of this is the DePuy ASR hip replacement, which has been recalled by the manufacturer DePuy worldwide after it was found that many of these hip replacement joints had failed and caused the patients harm. Examples of problems patients have experienced from this sort of faulty metal on metal hip replacement include:

• Metallosis – a poisoning of the blood

• Pain caused by a faulty implant

• Nerve damage

• Muscle damage

• Swelling

• Bone fractures

• Cup loosening

• … and more

Even if you haven’t had any problems with your particular hip replacement, if the product has been recalled you should still seek legal advice as you might be able to still make a claim. In the case of DePuy, they have so far agreed to pay for reasonable treatment costs associated with the hip replacement recall, but this doesn’t include any other compensation.

Hip replacement compensation – don’t delay your claim

However, if you have experienced pain or other problems (or even corrective surgery) as a result of the hip replacement, you might be able to make a personal injury claim for this compensation. You need to make the claim within three years of first becoming aware of the problem.

Usually with personal injury claims, you need to make the claim within three years of the incident but as hip replacement recalls usually don’t happen until later, the time limit starts from when you find out about the issue.

As these cases can be quite complicated, you should seek legal advice as soon as you possibly can. Also, even if the manufacturer of your hip replacement offers you compensation directly, don’t sign anything without getting an experienced personal injury solicitor to look at the case to make sure you aren’t losing out in anyway.

If you do bring a hip replacement recall claim then if you are successful you should be entitled to compensation. This will usually be based on your loss of earnings as a result of the injury, as well as medical or other expenses you have incurred already, or are likely to incur as a result of the faulty hip implant in the future. Compensation may also be awarded to the victims of the hip replacement recall scandal for pain and suffering.

It is likely you will need to verify which hip replacement you have had, so any evidence you are able to provide in support of your case will certainly be helpful.

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