I was injured while swimming. Am I eligible for compensation?

Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise and can be a fun activity for all the family to get involved in. There are many swimming pools who strive to uphold strict health and safety standards so that everyone, both the public and staff can enjoy the water safely.

From time to time however accidents can happen and children in particular can be vulnerable to having an accident in a swimming pool due to being naturally excited around water. In these instances if anything happens it should be reported to staff who can then record it in their accident book.

It may be possible that you are eligible for compensation if it can be proven that the swimming centre didn’t provide adequate safeguarding measures to protect all users, particularly vulnerable people such as children from any potential dangers.

If a swimming pool and leisure centre doesn’t provide adequate warning signs about the depth of the pool or have signs which prohibit running, this could be a cause for concern. Similarly, if you have tripped on any broken tiles either around the poolside or in the changing room area then you could have a case for compensation.

If you have received skin burns or irritations as a result of getting into a swimming pool with excessively high chlorine levels or you have been injured as a result of someone else’s inappropriate behaviour, i.e. they were running or jumping around the pool, you could be eligible for a claim.

If the lifeguard didn’t act responsibly to stop this behaviour or you found there to be other problems around the swimming pool such as defective or badly maintained equipment, these are all potentially dangerous problems.

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