PTSD compensation claims

Most of us are fortunate enough to go through life avoiding any trauma aside from the general stresses and strains of everyday life and the occasionally incident which is particularly stressful. However, some people are unfortunate enough to see, experience or face an experience which puts their own or somebody else’s life in jeopardy, therefore causing significant trauma. Many of these unfortunate people go on to develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a condition with both physical and psychological effects which makes it extremely difficult to work, meet people and generally make it through the day.

Thankfully, those who are diagnosed with this debilitating disorder may be entitled to claim compensation. Such compensation should cover their pain and suffering and financial losses as a result of the disorder and can go a long way towards protecting their financial position. However, in order to win damages you will need a specialist solicitor who will be able to uncover essential evidence for your case during what is a difficult time. Indeed PTSD clients may be suffering with serious symptoms at the time of the claim.

Possible symptoms of PTSD include:

• Sleeping disorders such as insomnia

• Dramatic changes in mood

• Depression

• Problems with the muscles

• Unexplained bouts of fury

• Fear or anxiety about visiting certain places, doing certain things, seeing certain images etc.

Although these symptoms can often be eased using medication it is only with extensive psychotherapy that PTSD can be cured. Indeed, PTSD sufferers are likely to continue to be suffering during the claims process and may find it difficult to recall facts about the incident itself which is another reason why PTSD compensation claims can be so difficult to manage. However our specialist personal injury solicitors will be a constant source of support throughout the claims process. Unlike generalist solicitors with no specific expertise in PTSD compensation claims, our solicitors have ability to immerse themselves in the work of psychotherapist and psychiatrists in order to understand your condition and therefore create a convincing argument in your favour.

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