Can a trespasser claim accident compensation?

If you’ve recently been the victim of a burglary, it can be an unpleasant experience. If the trespasser came across a hazard in your home and received personal injuries as a result and you knew about these potential hazards, then they could be eligible for compensation.

Alternatively you could be the victim of such an incident. As an innocent trespasser you may have been seeking help from people in the nearby area and walked across someone’s property to reach human contact. In the process you may have been injured in an accident which left you feeling weak and vulnerable.

The law states that the occupiers of premises don’t have to owe the same level and duty of care to trespassers which they’d otherwise give to lawful visitors. If the occupier knows there is a hazard and they know that the trespasser they will come across it, then it’s the job of the occupier to ensure that they don’t get injured.

The court has to take into account various factors when deciding who is at fault in circumstances such as this. How safe the premises were has to be determined in terms of whether someone was likely to suffer injury as a result of being a trespasser.

The court also has to take into consideration that children can be less careful than adults, so they’re more likely to be injured in an accident. If an accident victim took unnecessary risks and suffered injuries, this has to be taken into account, along with any warning signs for the potential hazard. If it’s determined that the occupier is liable for the accident, then it’s possible that the accident victim can claim compensation for receiving any personal injury as a trespasser.

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