Industrial Deafness Claims

Pursuing a claim for Industrial Deafness

Industrial deafness is caused by long-term exposure to noise but can take many years and sufferers have been known to be into their retirement before significant hearing problems arise. As a result, many people attribute their problems to general ageing and fail to make the link with their former workplace.

Industrial Deafness -symptoms

The first symptoms of noise-induced hearing loss include:

• missing parts of a conversation

• not being able to hear conversation where there is background noise

• having to turn the television up loud

• partners thinking they’re being ignored

Noise-induced tinnitus

Noise-induced tinnitus can be the result of damage caused by excessive noise and is characterised by constant buzzing in the ears which can in severe cause sleep difficulties. Tinnitus can also have emotional impacts such as anxiety or depression and affect a sufferer’s quality of life and enjoyment of hobbies and leisure activities such as reading, listening to music. Worst of all, there is no known cure although severe cases can be aided by using a ‘masking’ device which lessens the intensity of the buzzing.

Industrial Deafness – the responsibility of employers

Because hearing loss is generally irreversible and hearing aids are usually the only way to help with the condition, employers have for the past forty years had a responsibility to protect their employees from industrial deafness and the effects of excessive noise at work.

Industrial Deafness – do I have a claim?

If you think your hearing has been damaged by exposure to excessive noise at work then you may be able to bring an industrial deafness claim. You should first visit your GP and get a hearing test and also seek legal advice because you may be able to claim compensation for noise-induced hearing loss, tinnitus or deafness.

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