Do I Need a Solicitor?

You don’t have to use a solicitor when making a personal injury claim. However, making your way through the process as an individual can be strangely difficult, not to mention confusing – especially as the accident claims process is complex and lengthy – plus the defendant, probably an insurance company, will have a team of highly experienced personal injury solicitors at their disposal throughout your case.

What your solicitor will do

A solicitor will take care of your claim for you – which will include, for example, arranging medical expert evidence if necessary, reviewing your medical case notes, sorting out police reports, corresponding with the defendant, courts and your experts, taking care of paperwork and keeping you informed on the progress of your case.

Using a personal injury solicitor for your accident claim is certainly recommended. Having a solicitor also means that you can focus on getting better: if you have recently suffered a personal injury that was someone else’s fault, it’s unlikely that you would want to spend months working on an injury claim. Using a solicitor frees you up for your rehabilitation and can help your recovery process.

Choosing a specialist solicitor

When selecting your solicitor, it’s important you choose someone you feel comfortable with, trust and can talk to, and are experts in the area of personal injury claims – as it is a highly specialised area of law. Our personal injury team have that extensive experience – personal injury work is all they do.

Our accreditations

We take specialist training very seriously. Our team are fully trained and accredited members of a number of highly specialist personal injury panels including;

the Law Society Personal Injury Panel

• the Law Assist Solicitors Panel

Association of Personal Injury Lawyers – as a Senior Litigator

In addition we are one of only about 120 firms nationwide [out of approximately 11,000 law firms and Wales] approved to carry out medical negligence claims using legal aid.

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