Medical Negligence

In this country, we are lucky to have many dedicated and excellent doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Most of the time, they provide the highest standards of care. However, a small number of hospitals and doctors do have less than excellent standards – and even the best medical professionals make mistakes. As a result, medical negligence, which can have such serious consequences, is sadly not uncommon. So if you have suffered any injury as a result of medical negligence, don’t hesitate in claiming the compensation you deserve.

Medical Negligence Claims – the need for a specialist

Of the wide variety of personal injury claims, those made for reasons of medical negligence of the most complex – negligence can be difficult to establish and so can require a lot of detailed medical knowledge.

Common Medical Negligence Claims

Medical negligence claims can come about as a result of a range of different instances, including the following

• A&E medical negligence, which is if you have experienced substandard treatment or had a misdiagnosis during a trip to Accident and Emergency.

• Cancer medical negligence, which can involve misdiagnosis or mistreatment of cancer.

• Fatal medical negligence, which is where a case of negligence leads to a death and an inquest might be necessary to examine the case.

• GP medical negligence, which could involve misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose a condition, as well as mistreatment or failure to take action.

• Pregnancy and maternity medical negligence, which relates to problems you or your baby may have suffered.

• Surgical medical negligence, which relates to issues arising in surgery, such as the wrong processes being carried out or negligent behaviour leading to problems being missed.

• Cosmetic surgery errors

• Birth injury negligence

• Failed hip replacement implants

If you are worried that you have suffered an injury as a result of medical negligence, please get in touch with our personal injury solicitors. Your solicitor will be able to review your case and advise you on your best course of action. This could involve seeking the opinion of an independent medical expert to determine whether a case of negligence has occurred.

This is important as cases aren’t always cut and dry; medical accidents do happen and negligence isn’t always the cause, so it’s vital to determine the facts of the case. If your personal injury is on-going then a medical examination may be necessary to determine the extent of the injury – your medical records relating to the case will also be important in determining what happened.

Medical Negligence Claims – time limitations

If you are able to make a personal injury claim for medical negligence, you will need to do so within three years of first becoming aware of the injury or else your claim won’t be valid. This means it’s important to contact a personal injury solicitor as soon as you can to start the ball rolling on your case.

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