Work Accident Claims

When you are at work, your employer has a duty to minimise any risk to your health and any potential for accidents to occur. This means that if you have an accident at work and you can demonstrate that your employer was negligent in their responsibility to provide a safe working environment, you may be able to make a personal injury claim for compensation.

Employers have a duty to follow all relevant health and safety legislation and so if they fail to do this, you may have a claim. Our solicitors can review your situation and tell you if you have a claim worth pursuing.

Work Accidents – Common Claims

Work accidents can come in a variety of guises; sadly not all of them are preventable but many are. Examples of work accidents that regularly lead to personal injury claims include:

• Slips caused by spillages that have not been cleaned up.

• Trips caused by equipment being left out or not properly secured, such as cables and wires.

• Injury caused by lifting heavy goods without being provided with the proper equipment or training for doing so.

• Accidents caused by a lack of the relevant safety equipment.

• Falls in the workplace, such as falls from a significant height due to a lack of safety equipment (or faulty equipment).

• Injuries caused by faulty machinery or equipment.

• Factory accidents

• Kitchen workplace accidents

• Poorly erected scaffolding

Work Accident Claims – Worried about getting the sack?

Making a claim against your employer can be a hard decision, especially if you are still working for the company and intend to keep doing so. However, whether you are a full-time or part-time worker, your boss can’t simply sack you because you have made an injury compensation claim – your job is legally protected if you do, and every employer is required to have insurance to cover the sort of injuries anyway.

Work Accident Claims- watch those time limits

You need to make your work accident claim within 3 years of the injury occurring, so it is worth seeking legal advice as soon as possible to start the process moving. If you are successful in your claim then you should be awarded compensation, which will take into account any expenses your accident has left you with as well as any loss of earnings you’ve suffered as a result.

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