Can I make a personal injury claim for my skiing accident?

If you’ve recently sustained an injury as a result of a skiing or tobogganing accident, it can leave you feeling weak and vulnerable. You might not have expected to have an accident on the slopes when you believe that you’re in highly capable hands, however you may later have discovered that the person coaching you is not as qualified or as professional as they first appear.

There could be all sorts of reasons why the accident occurred including negligence on the behalf of the other skiers with you or your trainer. Defective skiing equipment or adverse weather conditions such as high winds or environmental problems you weren’t warned of could all be to blame.

What you can do

If you believe that your skiing accident is the result of third party negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. It’s the responsibility of the skiers who were with you, instructors, resort owners, tour operators and equipment manufacturers to ensure that you stay safe. It can even be possible to bring your case to the UK courts if your skiing or tobogganing accident happened abroad.

Do you believe you’re eligible for a personal injury claim as a result of a skiing or tobogganing accident? To be eligible for compensation you need to start your claim within 3 years of the event of injury or from the injury’s diagnosis.

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    Can I claim compensation for my traffic accident which happened abroad?

    If you’ve been involved in a traffic accident while you were travelling abroad you’ll know how devastating it can be. You might be one of the many holidaymakers who decide to drive across Europe or hire a bike or a car to explore the region you’re staying in. Perhaps your employer sent you overseas and travelling is a part of your job.

    While all of this can be an exciting experience, visitors who are unfamiliar with the rules of the roads in a foreign country can easily find themselves involved in an accident. You might have even found yourself sustaining an injury as a result of being a passenger in a car or a coach.

    Whatever situation you found yourself in the road accident by, it can ruin the rest of your trip and the effects can be long lasting in terms of trauma and physical injuries which stay with you until long after you return home.

    The law is complex when it comes to road traffic accidents which happen abroad, but the good news is that you don’t have to make the claim in the country where the accident occurred. If you have to make a personal injury claim, European road users can benefit from the 4th and 5th Motoring Insurance Directives as outlined by the EU. This encourages European insurers to work with a UK handling agent who can then start to work with the claims in English and set a timeframe for completion.

    If you believe that you have a personal injury claim as the result of an injury abroad it’s possible that you could be eligible for compensation. Personal Injury Solicitors can help to assess your claim and determine if you can get any remuneration.

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    Being involved in an RTA is invariably stressful but when it occurs overseas it can be particularly traumatic. Making an injury claim involves complex legal work, so instructing a specialist personal injury solicitor like those at our firm is essential.

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      I was recently involved in a public transport accident. Can I make an injury claim?

      Did you go on a trip which ended badly? Perhaps you were travelling home as a passenger on the bus after a day at work or out shopping, when the vehicle was involved in an accident. As a result you may have suffered and sustained personal injuries which make you feel helpless, causing your self-esteem to plummet to an all-time low.

      The good news is that if you were involved in a public transport accident, involving a bus or a taxi for example, you could be eligible for compensation in the form of a public transport claim. If it’s determined that the driver was at fault concerning the collision you were involved in, then it’s possible for the accident claim to be made by the company that employs the bus or taxi driver.

      An accident on a bus can be the result of careless or even dangerous driving which results in serious injury or trauma. If you or other passengers in the bus or taxi were being thrown out of your seat by a driver who was speeding, braking suddenly or too hard, or even driving fast around corners, then the bus driver could be found to be at fault for the accident.

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        I was involved in a motorway accident, how do I seek compensation for my personal injuries?

        Being involved in a motorway accident can be a traumatic experience and for those involved, it often raises a mirror to their own mortality, raising the question of ‘What if?’. After a high-speed accident on a motorway you will understandably need the time and space to recover from what’s happened.

        If you have severe injuries as a result of the accident and it’s been determined that it was someone else’s fault, it’s possible to claim compensation for any suffering pain or loss you may have endured. This can include any loss of earnings or rehabilitation costs which may have been incurred too.

        The Department of Transport has revealed that in 2010, 10,369 casualties happened on motorways in Great Britain. Meanwhile 798 people were severely injured while travelling on motorways and 118 fatalities occurred. It’s no surprise given the billions of miles travelled across England and the rest of the United Kingdom, along with the increasing number of vehicles on the road that motorway accident claims are on the rise.

        Whiplash is considered to be the most common injury endured from a motorway accident. This can happen when the neck is jolted suddenly during the impact of a car crash. The pain can be immediate and last for two days or longer, sometimes even weeks or months

        It’s possible to receive injuries while wearing a seatbelt as while it’s designed to stop you moving forward, it can also cause chest injuries and bruise the chest, making it feel uncomfortable. If the crash you were in was high-impact then you may have suffered skeletal fractures, serious cuts or abrasions as a result of flying debris or crushing of limbs.

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          I was injured while swimming. Am I eligible for compensation?

          Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise and can be a fun activity for all the family to get involved in. There are many swimming pools who strive to uphold strict health and safety standards so that everyone, both the public and staff can enjoy the water safely.

          From time to time however accidents can happen and children in particular can be vulnerable to having an accident in a swimming pool due to being naturally excited around water. In these instances if anything happens it should be reported to staff who can then record it in their accident book.

          It may be possible that you are eligible for compensation if it can be proven that the swimming centre didn’t provide adequate safeguarding measures to protect all users, particularly vulnerable people such as children from any potential dangers.

          If a swimming pool and leisure centre doesn’t provide adequate warning signs about the depth of the pool or have signs which prohibit running, this could be a cause for concern. Similarly, if you have tripped on any broken tiles either around the poolside or in the changing room area then you could have a case for compensation.

          If you have received skin burns or irritations as a result of getting into a swimming pool with excessively high chlorine levels or you have been injured as a result of someone else’s inappropriate behaviour, i.e. they were running or jumping around the pool, you could be eligible for a claim.

          If the lifeguard didn’t act responsibly to stop this behaviour or you found there to be other problems around the swimming pool such as defective or badly maintained equipment, these are all potentially dangerous problems.

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            Have you been injured while on a footpath or public highway?

            When out walking, we’re not always aware of any dangers lurking just around the corner. While we shouldn’t be afraid of what we might see, if you’ve recently been injured while walking along a footpath or a public highway you might be feeling more cautious than usual.

            Perhaps you had an accident with an obstruction on a walking surface or you ventured into dangerous utility or road works without realising. If you’re a pedestrian these obstructions aren’t always easy to spot, especially if there were no proper signs warning about their imminent danger.

            While out walking at night it’s even easier to have an accident, especially if there was insufficient lighting in the area or the footpath you were walking along had a poorly maintained surface. All of these concerns should be the priority of the local authorities who have to ensure they are providing a reasonable level of care along public highways. This is so that people are kept safe and don’t find themselves involved in an accident.

            Some areas of this law can be more complex, for example if it involves equipment left by a utility company then working out who the defendant is and why they should be held responsible can be tricky. This is because it has to be ascertained who is responsible for providing a safe work environment and ensuring that it’s properly maintained for pedestrians. Does the issue lie with the council, sub-contractors who carried out the work or the utility company itself? All of these are factors which have to be taken into consideration.

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              High number of RTA claims suggests that referral fee ban is not working

              The government’s plan to bring down the number of road traffic accident (RTA) claims made in the UK by introducing a ban on referral fees appears to have backfired as the number of claims were up by a quarter on statistics for the same period last year.

              According to statistics collected by the RTA Portal Company, 17,000 more personal injury claims were opened in April 2013 than were made in April 2012. That means that in the month when the referral fee ban and other reforms came into force, the number of claims opened stood at 79,500.

              As the introduction of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act loomed, there was a marked surge in the number of claims made with over 91,200 claims being made in March – a 25% increase on the number of claims made in February.

              It should also be noted that the figures for claims made this April were very similar to this January’s figures and the numbers for last October and November as well.

              A debate is currently going on between insurers and personal injury lawyers about the high number of whiplash claims in the UK and these recent findings will no doubt be of interest to those giving evidence in front of the House of Commons committee.

              Despite the Jackson reforms, people were still making £1,200 claims before the end of April and it is quite possible that the reforms simply need time to settle in. In light of this, the true impact of LAPSO might not become clear until May’s figures are released.

              The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers has warned that proposals to increase the limit of the small claims court could lead to the growth of claims management companies which use under-qualified staff and intrusive marketing campaigns to try and attract work. What RTA victims really need are specialist personal injury claims solicitors but unfortunately the ban on referral fees is set to make it difficult for such professionals to work.

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                Law Society chief calls for ban on CMCs

                Claims management companies (CMCs) should be banned tomorrow according to the Chief Executive of the Law Society.

                Desmond Hudson was giving evidence in front of the House of Common Transport Select Committee when he called for the ban, stating that CMCs were not lawful. The committee is currently investigating how much a recent increase in whiplash claims is adding to insurance premiums for UK drivers.

                Mr Hudson was suggesting that whiplash victims should not be compensated but was arguing that CMCs were encouraging claimants to exaggerate their injuries and make false claims.

                Both Hudson and Andrew Ritchie QC who joined him in giving evidence rejected the idea that the UK has become a hotspot for whiplash claims, suggesting that the number of personal injury claims for whiplash is in fact proportionate to the number of road traffic accidents each year.

                Ritchie claimed that the STATS19 database used by the government for their statistics did not give an accurate picture. The database focuses on accidents which were reported to the police however it is estimated that the vast majority of minor accidents are not reported to police therefore making the figures wildly unrepresentative.

                Many of the whiplash injuries generating claims are sustained in low speed accidents and Craig Budsworth, Chairman of the Motor Accident Solicitors Society, claimed that this is explained by Britain’s overcrowded roads. No country in Europe has a lower average driving speed than the UK which perhaps explains the high number of low speed crashes.

                On the question of regional trends for fraud, insurance giant Aviva’s Claims Director Dominic Clayden claimed that there was an inextricable link between cash-for-crash cases and the prevalence of CMCs.

                The average insurance premium in the UK now stands at £440 and James Dalton, the Assistant Director of the Association of British Insurers claimed that the rise in whiplash claims was responsible for £90 of that figure.

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                  Can I claim compensation from my package tour accident?

                  A package holiday can be a great way to get away to a warmer destination and is the ideal way to have fun while relaxing next to the sun and the sea. If you have an accident while on a package tour holiday, not only can it ruin your enjoyment but the injury can be long lasting even when you’re settled at home.

                  If you have an accident while abroad, you’re probably wondering what can be done about it. The good news is that under the Package Tour Regulations 1992, you are eligible for compensation and it’s possible to bring a personal injury claim against the company who were meant to be looking after you.

                  There are certain criteria that must be met to be eligible for package tour compensation however and this includes; being sold or offered the holiday as part of a package, being pre-arranged with an overnight stay longer than 24 hours and being sold at an inclusive price. Finally it must have included as a minimum, two out of three requirements such as accommodation and transport in the form of a ferry, plane or a tourist service such as a tour guide that forms part of the package.

                  While the package has regulations it also outlines the responsibilities of the tour operators, one of which is outlined in Regulation 15 which states that package holiday providers are liable for any failures of service. This includes suppliers, services and hoteliers supplied in the package. If you receive an injury as a result of anything dangerous then you must write to your holiday provider within 28 days of returning home. It’s then their responsibility to look into the complaint’s circumstances and investigate where necessary. If on the other hand the holiday provider claims that the accident was your fault and not connected with any of their suppliers or hoteliers, they may be able to defend your injury claim.

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                    Can I claim for an accident in my home?

                    Being injured in the comfort of your own home can be devastating, especially if you live by yourself. Every year in the United Kingdom it’s estimated that around 2.7 million people have to visit the A&E department in hospital after being injured in a serious accident at home. It’s also estimated that around 4000 people will die each year in the UK as a result of these injuries.

                    It’s possible to claim compensation for an accident in your home if it’s the responsibility of a company or another person to ensure your personal safety is paramount. A defective product is a good example as if for example an electrical item caught fire and burned you, it’s the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that it isn’t faulty before being sold.

                    If unsatisfactory work has been carried out like a new window falling from its frame and injuring you as it was being fitted, then a personal injury claim could be carried out against the company. If you live in rented or council owned property then it’s the responsibility of the owner or the landlord to ensure that it’s properly maintained and no personal injuries occur as a result of the property’s poor condition.

                    In all of these instances, it’s possible to make a compensation claim if it was another person who is believed to be responsible for causing you personal injury.

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