Broken arm injury claims

Breaking an arm can have a serious impact on your life. Your arm may be completely immobilised for weeks and your cast may not enable you to move your wrist, shoulder or elbow, making those weeks extremely uncomfortable and frustrating. Arm fractures can be extremely serious especially if they are particularly complex. You may have crushed the bone, severed various blood vessels and nerves or had pieces of bone in shatter off. Sadly, in some cases, full movement will never return to the arm.

Coping with a broken arm injury is difficult enough as it is but it can be far more traumatic when you know that your injury was not your fault. If the negligence, legal omission or deliberate actions of another individual were to blame for your fracture, you may find that you are eligible to claim compensation. This is because if you were not to blame for the injury itself, it is unfair for to have experience pain and suffering, shoulder the costs associated with losing income through time off work and have to pay for any follow up treatment. Damages are the least you are entitled to for such hardship and they are likely to reflect the seriousness of the injuries sustained (in the form of ‘special damages’) and the financial consequences of your fracture (in the form of ‘general damages’).

Arm fractures can arise from many different circumstances such as:

• A slip or trip at work (suggesting possible employer negligence)

• A sports injury following an unnecessarily dangerous challenge (suggesting possible malice)

• Or a road traffic accident involving a driver who failed concentrate

In order to win your compensation you will need a specialist personal injury solicitor on you side. Our personal injury lawyers have vast experience dealing with broken arm compensation claims and could help you recover the full and fair amount of compensation you are entitled to. We will deal with the bureaucracy and formalities in making a claim so that you can focus on your recovery. Your solicitor will put you in touch with a medical expert who will assess your injuries and provide a report which will be central to the bundle of evidence used for your claim. Moreover, you will receive constant support throughout the claims process from your expert solicitor.

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