Injury claims for occupational bursitis

Over 3 in every 100 people are expected to be struggling with bursitis as you read this. Bursitis is a condition which arises when the elbow, knee or shoulder joints become enflamed and painful as a result of repetitive strains placed upon them. The bursae are pods of synovial fluid which prevent the bone and the muscles connected to it from grinding together. Damage to the joint caused by repetitive strain therefore causes the busae to become inflamed or infected and this can lead to bursitis.

Those suffering with bursitis are likely to feel considerable pain due to the inflammation and possible infection of the affected joint and their mobility may be significantly restricted as a result. In mild cases, a few weeks of rest and avoidance of the activity which caused bursitis should lead a full recovery. However, in cases where the bursitis involves infection or sepsis, surgery, prescription drugs and regular drips to orthopaedic doctors may be required.

Bursitis –  the causes

Bursitis is most commonly caused by repetitive actions in the workplace. Those who are constantly required to perform certain repetitive movements or hold certain positions for an extended period of time tend to place high levels of stress on their joints which can lead to bursitis. It is no surprise for example that bursitis is often referred to as ‘housemaid’s knee’ and indeed electricians and plumbers who spend a lot of time kneeling down are often more susceptible to the condition.

Bursitis – Your employer’s obligations to protect you

Your employer is legally obliged to take every action possible (within reason) to ensure that you are not harmed in the workplace. Therefore, if your can demonstrated that your employer failed to protect you by not providing you with knee protection or warning you about the health risks associated with certain movements they can be said to have shirked their legal duty.

If you believe that your employer has failed to discharge their legal duty of care and you have suffered from bursitis as a result, you should instruct a specialist occupational injury solicitor straight away to see about making a compensation claim. Our personal injury claim team is composed of the experts you need who also have strong contacts with medical experts who will produce a medical report which is central to your case. We are fully committed to recovering every penny of compensation that our clients are entitled to and have the expertise needed to win your injury claim.

Considering a Bursitis Injury Claim? Our experts can help you win justice

If your employer failed to take all reasonably practicable steps to prevent you contracting bursitis in the workplace, you could be entitled to claim injury compensation.

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