Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – An Occupational Hazard?

Could typing be damaging your health? The National Centre for Biotechnology Information suggests that it could be, with the repetitive action of typing identified as a major cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). When the median nerve which controls feeling and mobility in the wrist is compressed, it can result in numbness, tingling or pain in the hands – this is known as CTS. The condition can be very difficult to live with, also causing weakness in the thumbs, a loss of grip and dull aching in the arms.

The link between CTS and typing is not accepted by all scientists or medical professionals. CTS has various causes including obesity, trauma, awkward sleeping positions, pregnancy and diabetes and it can therefore be difficult to pinpoint the exact causes of the condition. However, there is significant evidence to support the idea that repetitive actions contribute to CTS and it is now held that vibration can be a major cause of the condition as well.

CTS is now legally held to be an industrial disease and sufferers who believe that they developed the condition due to repetitive tasks at work may be entitled to make a personal injury compensation claim through the Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit. Therefore, office workers, construction workers using pneumatic drills and other professionals using heavy machinery could all be entitled to make a claim.

CTS can be treated and only requires surgery in a small percentage of cases. It is highly likely that doctors will first attempt to relieve pressure on the median nerve using either a wrist splint, cortisone injections, or by prescribing anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the swelling. Sufferers of the condition will undoubtedly incur costs, through medical expenses, travel to and from appointments, not to mention loss of earnings now and most importantly in the future.

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