Chemical Accidents and Claiming Injury Compensation

The damage caused by accidents involving harmful chemical substances can be devastating. We have seen in Bhopal India (1984) and more recently in the Gulf of Mexico (2010), the human and environmental cost that comes with spills and explosions that expose us to dangerous materials. It is therefore important that the storage and usage of hazardous chemicals is strictly regulated.

Chemical accidents can occur in a number of ways which means health and safety standards must be met. Vehicles transporting chemicals, storage tanks and factories are all hazardous and can put people at risk. As a result, it is not surprising to see personal injury claims caused by contact with harmful chemicals.

The labelling and safe storage of chemicals is of paramount importance in preventing accidents. We are all familiar with the symbols warning us about toxic or caustic chemicals and such markings are essential in order to prevent confusion with consumer goods like drinks or hygiene products for example. The injuries that could be caused by a particular product should be made clear, whether it’s blindness, poisoning, burns or any other grievance.

Those working with dangerous chemicals should be provided with protective clothing which must be worn at all times. If this equipment in not provided you may find that your employer is guilty of professional negligence. The nature of the chemicals used will dictate the type of clothing required. Such clothing should be extensively tested before it is used by anyone to ensure that it is fit for purpose. If you suffer an injury whilst working with dangerous chemicals and you are not convinced that the necessary precautions were taken to protect you, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim.

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Sustaining a personal injury through exposure to harmful chemicals can result in physical and psychological trauma and it is only right that you are compensated accordingly if your injuries were no fault of your own.

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