Claiming compensation for a facial injury

When our loved ones look at us, it is not our legs or arms that they recognise – it is our face. Our very perception of ourselves and the way in which other people recognise us is based upon our facial characteristics and when our names our mentioned, it is our face that people visualise rather than anything else. Without even realising, we convey our inner thoughts through our facial expressions and our face says so much about our moods and feelings.

Given the role of the face in forming our identity it is no surprise that when our faces end up permanently changed as a result of an accident or incident it can lead to unthinkable trauma. The thought that our faces may end up heavily scarred, require prosthetics or have to be surgically altered is terrifying because of the effect that it would have on the way we recognise ourselves and the way in which other people view us. Relationships could change both at home and in work due to the loss of self-esteem and self-consciousness and senses such as sight and smell could even be permanently lost.

Dealing with a facial injury is therefore difficult enough but if the injuries resulted from the deliberate malice, legal omission or negligence of another individual, it would be particularly difficult to cope. Perhaps you were deliberately injured whist playing sports; or your employer refused to provide you with equipment to protect you from chemical burns; or maybe you suffered due to a negligent cosmetic surgeon. However you sustained your injuries, if I t was not your fault and you can prove that a third party was to blame you should be entitled to make a personal injury claim for compensation.

Winning compensation will never alleviate your emotional pain however it could go a long way towards securing your financial position at a difficult time. The amount you receive in damages should recognise the following:

• Pain and suffering of the victim: you deserve to be compensated for the physical and emotional trauma associated with your injuries

• Financial hardship: you may not be able to work and as a result you could lose income

• Extent of injuries: further costly procedures may be required and the worse the injuries the higher the compensation figure is likely to be

In order to win the full and fair amount of compensation you deserve it is crucial that you instruct a specialist personal injury solicitor. The solicitors at our firm specialise in facial injury compensation claims and have both the sensitivity needed to support through throughout the claims process and the unrelenting work ethic required to win what you deserve. We will carry out a thorough investigation into your claim so that you have all the evidence and documentation needed to succeed. Our links with experienced plastic surgeons mean that you will receive an in-depth report analysing the extent of your injuries and the necessity and cost of further procedures to correct damage.

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Sustaining an injury to your face can be particularly traumatic. Our expert personal injury solicitors can help you achieve justice in the form of a compensation payout if you have been injured through no fault of your own.

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