Can I claim compensation for an injury caused by working at height?

Some of the injuries sustained by victims of workplace falls from great height can be appalling and permanently life changing. Falls from lower heights can also easily result in injuries sufficient to incapacitate for lengthy periods and perhaps leave the victim with an on-going disability. If the victim of such a fall strongly suspects that their accident would not have occurred had their employer not been negligent in their legal duty to ensure that the workplace was safe, then they might be able to bring a claim for personal injury compensation.

Apart from their natural dissatisfaction or even anger about the circumstances of their accident, the workplace fall victim will probably also be coping with recovering from extensive multiple injuries and facing the prospect of the kind of life he or she could not have possibly imagined in their worst nightmares – perhaps confined to a wheelchair and needing constant assistance with even the most basic daily tasks. In such circumstances claiming compensation goes beyond merely being their right, to being their duty to themselves, their family and indeed other workers who might be yet to fall victim to a similar slipshod engagement with health and safety by their employers.

Whether you can claim compensation for you accident or not, is, as indicated above, to do with a question of blame. Analysing the circumstances of your accident and determining who was to blame for it can be a complicated business involving consideration of all the available facts. These facts might be drawn from witness statements, photographic evidence, medical reports, reports from health and safety experts on the condition and fitness for purpose of the equipment you were using and even from the similarity of your accident to those that have occurred in the past for which compensation was awarded.

It’s no game for the inexperienced ‘amateur’ and certainly not for someone struggling to cope with the aftermath of their injuries. That is the reason why specialist work accident solicitors developed – legal professionals whose experience and expert knowledge regarding work related personal injury compensation claims place them in an unrivalled position to be able to advise potential claimants on the viability of their proposed claims and then negotiate the claim to the most successful conclusion possible for their client.

Making a claim for fall injury compensation?

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