Falls From Height At Work – What The Law Says

Falls from height are a frighteningly common source of workplace injuries, which are sadly seen far too often by our personal injury solicitors. The most recent statistics from the Health and Safety Executive show that in 2008/2009 there were 4654 major injuries and 35 fatalities caused by falls from height in the workplace. Indeed, falls from ladders, scaffolding and roofs remain the single biggest cause of workplace deaths in the UK.

Of course, working at height is inherently dangerous, but the risks can be significantly reduced by following safe working practices. This is a legal requirement as well as a matter of common sense. All work at height is governed by the Work At Height Regulations 2005, and it is the responsibility of employers and employees alike to ensure that they are aware of this legislation.

The regulations set out straightforward requirements for the protection of anyone who has to climb a ladder or work on scaffolding during the course of their job. These involve proper planning and supervision of the job; using the correct safety equipment and making sure that it’s properly checked and maintained; and making sure that all managers and staff are fully trained in how to work safely. Most significantly, the regulations state that employers have a duty of care towards their employees who work at height. This means that they are legally obliged to take every reasonable step to prevent accidents occurring at height.

This is powerful legal protection, in addition to existing workplace Health and Safety laws. If you have the misfortune to suffer this sort of accident, then you have a very strong case for an industrial injury claim for compensation, especially if these regulations have been breached. Our specialist work accident solicitors will analyse your case and help you to bring your injury claim forward. Call our accident claim solicitors today on FREEPHONE FREEPHONE 0800 1404544 for your free initial interview.